Tyre fluid technology has to meet the different demands of tyre and rim-applications. The result is a variety of products introduced by TRYDEL. The product-line RE-AIR™ - starting with the RE-AIR™ and go bottle-set - represents different products that are necessary to overcome a puncture with maximum safety and minimum costs. The PRE-AIR™ - line - first product PRE-AIR™ blue for high-speed use - includes specific tyre-damage preventing liquids calibrated for most different applications. HCF Antislip is the world-first lubricant minimizing the harms of wheel-electrification.

Puncture sealant for temporary tyre repair

Puncture sealant for the temporary repair from injuries up to 12mm puncturing object diameter in tread area and with sufficient quantity within the shoulder range. Inspection of the damaged tyre by tyre-specialist within 2 weeks and/or 200km distance is necessary. Repair of the tyre is technically possible. Maximum speed of 80 km/h - 50mph.
Crystallisation with -25° C, frost edition up to -40° C. Re-crystallisation without negative effect on characteristics.
Disassembly, cleaning, disposal problem-free possible.

Warning reference

Check tyre-pressure within 20 km after application. In case of air-loss, establish recommended air-pressure and repeat procedure until air-pressure remains stable.

Disbalances may occur. In case of unusual vehicle-behaviour reduce speed and visit the nearest tyre-expert for an inspection immediately.

Application Use

Usable for all vehicles. Suitable for most temporary repairs in all inflatable vehicle-tyres.


Remove puncturing-object and position puncture-hole near ground.
Screw out valve-core.
Install correct product-quantity.
Screw in valve-core.
Establish recommended air-pressure.

Application Quantity

Car to transporter = 650ml
Truck = 1300ml
Supersingle = 1950ml



RE-AIR™and go! Brochure

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