Trydel is a research and development company sponsored by Natures Organics and is committed to finding alternatives to the often unnecessary waste of resources which in turn reduce the corresponding impact on the waste stream and / or environment.

Background History

During the late 50s and 60s Terry Dowel gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working as a licensee manufacturer to overseas principals such as Clynol UK , Mousson and Polycolor (Henkel) Germany, Nestle Le Mur USA etc. This involved the management of production ranging from Tableting, Powders, Creams / Lotions, Hair Colorants, Soaps, Perfumes and Aerosols. This eventually led to Natures Organics first production in 1981 with the Earth Choice brand coming ten years later. Natures Organics now manufacture an extensive range of their own brands as well as contract filling for National Supermarket chains such as Coles, Woolworths, Metcash (IGA), and Aldi etc.

Natures Organics factory stands on 3 hectors of land with factory and warehouse facility occupying 14000 square metres with current production at around 3 million units per month with the capacity to compound 4 million litres of bulk liquid per month.

Natures Organics has an envied reputation as a major supplier to its segment of the retail industry and represents around 10 - 12% market share competing successfully against multi-national conglomerates.

The company has consistently achieved an annual sales growth around 17% and currently exporting to South East Asia, the Middle East and the UK , resulting in a $60 million turnover with 70 employees.

Natures Organics PET Moulding division has the capacity to manufacture in excess of 1 million bottles per week while also incorporating cap closure moulding capacity.

Trydel Research currently manufactures around 100,000 litres of Tyre Sealant products per annum. Trydel products have been under development since 1993. During this time Trydel has made world first discoveries through its intensive research program leading to the successful formulation of products that will withstand the high centrifugal forces that destroy all other sealants of this type operating in highway vehicles. By analysing and researching the effects of these forces through its world first "Camera in Wheel" test facility has enabled Trydel to progress far beyond any other manufacturer in this field.

Through its discovery of electrical energy between tyre and wheel / rim that causes the generation of ozone within the tyre chamber and the resulting corrosive effect around the bead area, Trydel has been working to overcome the consequences of this static activity through a unique and advanced formulation technology.

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